I Play The Music That Touches My Heart
That is Why My Fans Respond With Theirs

Andre Rieu    

Jane Fulton & Bruce Hague dance at the Andre Rieu concert in Baltimore 

Andre Rieu

Frank Steijns with Ester in Maastricht

The Andre Rieu Posse was in full force for the Baltimore concert on May 14, 2009.  My brothers Jim & Mike as well as Lewis Jones live in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We met with Super Fan Jane Fulton and her daughter Kathy prior to the concert where we shared a drink and plenty of good conversation about Andre Rieu, his JSO and their music.  

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Bruce Hague

Bliss is music from the Johann Strauss Orchestra,
The dream of Marjorie brought
to fruition,
Giving visual delights,
pure pleasure to hear,
Every performance earns
a standing ovation.

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Dinah van der Werf

Last July, my dream became reality when I went to watch Andre Rieu Concert in Maastricht. I went with my family. We enjoyed every minute
that day, watching the musician's training in the afternoon, sharing our happiness with other people and tourists from various countries.
Oh! We met Brazilians too.

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                                      Ester Diniz

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Andre Rieu A Celebration Of Music 3 DVD Set

Andre Rieu looks right at Dorothy Laigle

Andre Rieu Party for Jane Fulton

Andre Rieu with Jeanine Ann & Clyde

My daughter, granddaughter and I attended the concert in Reading, Pa. on April 27th. It was our 3rd concert and was the best ever. We usually attend the one in Cleveland. We met Els and Diana, Violinists. We thought this was the warmest and friendliest concert we have attended.

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Dorothy Laigle

I think it's great the Andre' has such devoted "friends" and that everyone takes such joy in sharing their concert experiences. Jane Fulton is one of the faithful. She's been a fan of Andre's for 5 years now and I've been the designated driver for the yearly trek to Baltimore for the André Extravaganza!

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Jane Fulton

We walked into the concert hall and our guide said “there is the Maestro practicing on his violin”!  He was sitting up front with his beautiful violin and then I saw him from the back.   André looked over and waved to us and he walked toward the stage for the start of the sound check.

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Jeanine Ann

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